Post Intensive Care Syndrome… What ??

Recently on PBS television  there was an interesting segment on PICS. Just what is PICS you ask ? I did too. And discovered it is a medical term that refers to “post intensive care syndrome”. Here is more information… PICS is a syndrome that involves a group of health care problems that can affect patients both during and after a […]

Positioning Heels for Prevention, Management and Comfort

The Problem: Heel pressure injury can be prevented by proper positioning to ensure the heel is suspended off the bed or firm surface.  Heel pressure injuries are the second most common location overall for pressure injuries and are approximately one quarter of all pressure ulcers across the continuum. They are now the most common location for […]

Who advocates best for your healthcare ?

Jane (not her real name)  provides some great personal insight and information about this as a frequent user of healthcare services because of significant medical issues. In a recent article in my Sunday paper she shared her diagnosis of having a brain tumor, with needs for on-going management from a variety of healthcare providers. She pointed out that no one […]

The Happy Hiney Program!

Melanie Hardy, BSN, RN, CWOCN is a wound and ostomy nurse in North Texas.  She has been leading the way, improving care at Medical City Denton in the area of pressure injury prevention for their sickest patients.  Melanie began her work with the Happy Hiney Program in 2008 and continues today!  She presented her on-going […]

Influencing Young Nurses and Nursing Students

Entering Nursing Practice Graduation season is upon us and that means a new crop of enthusiastic nurses will be joining the workforce. A golden opportunity for nurse managers and seasoned nurses alike to make a lasting first impression regarding the world of healthcare that awaits them. Will that impression create an environment of learning and […]

An Unusual Story….

We’ve all heard of therapy dogs right ?  ….but a therapy horse ?? Enter Sweat Pea, a miniature horse just 27 inches tall, owned and loved by Sharon White-Lewis, an associate professor of nursing in Kansas City, Kansas. Sweat Pea was rescued by Sharon from a neglectful breeder more than 2 years ago and decided over time that […]

Evidence-Based Intervention to Prevent Heel Injury

Heel injury due to pressure remains a significant risk in some facilities despite the relative ease in providing cost effective and reliable prevention for high risk patients. This issue has been conquered by two clinicians and their team at Saint Louis University Hospital in Saint Louis, Missouri. Rados Stoddard BSN, RN, CWON, CFCN, and G. […]

Education for Prevention

Pressure Injury Prevention Benjamin Franklin said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Most healthcare practitioners understand this, as is evident by the many wonderful pressure injury prevention programs seen presented as posters, in articles and in our own facilities. Education on prevention is key for patients, caregivers and staff to understand […]

Falls and Skin Risk

In our nursing practices or personal experience with older patients/friends/or relatives how many times have we seen skin damage that resulted from a fall ? Those bruised faces, arms, and legs look so painful…and take a long time to fade. Or worse, those abrased or avulsed skin injuries that create risk of infection, definitely cause pain, and usually […]

An Innovative Way to Provide Prone Positioning in the ICU

Colleagues at IU Health, University Hospital, in Indianapolis presented their innovative approach to prone positioning at the 2016 IU Research Conference last fall. I was excited to hear about the outcomes that Denise Kerley, Brandie Kopsas-Kingsley, Carmen Davis, Terrie Beeson, Audrey Glossenger, Rebecca Bartlett-Ellis and Stephanie Hughes had achieved. These critical care experts looked at […]