Pressure Injury Protection in the ICU

  This is won’t necessarily be new information for many practicing acute care nurses and other medical clinicians but I thought it was worth a review. Often good articles, just as good nursing conferences, spark a  renewal of  good practice efforts regarding skin injury protection for some of our most vulnerable patients. In the WOCN July/August 2016 issue there was […]

Chair Cushion Help

I recently helped a friend whose husband (82 y/o) suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. He had been hospitalized for 3 days after passing out at home but had a difficult time there with confusion and combativeness. He fought with the paramedics called to the home initially and sustained multiple arm bruises and skin tears….. he had a […]

Addressing Nutrition in the Elderly

Nutrition is a common concern when addressing pressure injury in the elderly. In fact, nutrition is listed as an intervention for the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries in the 2014 National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) Guidelines. Nutrition among the elderly is not only a concern when addressing pressure injury, but also when considering […]

Do Foam Dressings Prevent Heel Injuries?

Currently, heels are the second most common area for pressure related skin injury, second only to the sacrum.  2014 National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel Guidelines listed prophylactic polyurethane foam dressings for bony prominences as “Emerging Therapy.” They recommended that clinicians “consider applying them to bony prominences at risk for pressure injury in anatomical areas frequently […]

Are Larger People at Risk for Pressure Injury?

Patients and family members may hesitantly ask about their risk for pressure injury….”I am pretty well padded….I can’t get a pressure injury, right?” Not so fast. It turns out that there is a U-shaped relationship between body size and risk for pressure injury to occur. Those at either end of the size range are at […]

Preventing Perioperative Pressure Injuries

In November 2017 the Joint Commission released a Compliance Strategy resource guide to preventing perioperative pressure injuries.  The Joint Commission worked with AORN (Association of Operating Room Nurses), experts in anesthesia from Yale University, the Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence and leaders from Medicare, Medicaid and the Centers for Disease Control to lay out several […]

December 2017

Ehob wishes all very Happy Holidays ! May the new year bring peace.

Patch the butt ? Yes it Seems !!

For awhile now medical professionals in the wound care field have been hearing and reading about the prophylactic use of dressings placed over the sacral and heel areas of patients in hospital settings, especially critical care areas, to help prevent pressure injuries (previously known as pressure ulcers). Clinically they seemed to help, and facilities started reporting reduced skin injuries with […]

Honoring Our Veterans

Today is the day set aside in America for honoring our veterans. Of course we should do this! I love sending messages of appreciation to those I know personally who have served, through e-mail, social media or text….just to let them know that I remember their service. I have one friend who has served in […]

Rescue Me! Deep Tissue Injury

Deep tissue injury is defined as “a purple or maroon area of localized discolored intact skin or blood filled blister due to damage of underlying soft tissue from pressure and/or shear.” Whenever a caregiver sees this type of discoloration in skin close to a bony prominence, like the heel or coccyx (tailbone), they should take […]