AARP’s Home Alone Alliance: Help for Family Caregivers

In 2016 the AARP Public Policy Institute contracted with the United Hospital Fund to conduct discussion groups with family caregivers as part of a larger initiative known as Home Alone AllianceSM.  This initiative is a partnership of public, private, and nonprofit sector organizations coming together to change the way health care organizations and professionals address the […]

Small Hospital Saves Big $$$ While Reducing HAPI Rates

Clinicians Monica Hupalo BSN, RN, CCRN and Tamara Bockman MS, APN, AACNS-AG presented their evidence-based project about reducing Hospital Acquired Pressure Injury at the National Teaching Institute critical care nursing conference in Boston this past May. They enjoyed discussing their findings with nurses from across the United States and around the world, as interest in […]

New Insight into Those Dreadful Pressure Injury Cases

If you’ve ever been deposed, or had to go to court because of a pressure injury case brought against your facility, you will be glad to know that evidence based research studies are being published that may help in defending them…. The previous blog shares important information on this issue, as does a  study published in Ostomy Wound Management Feb. […]

Joyce Pittman Rocks!

It’s always great to see a colleague get some great recognition for work they are leading and this time is no exception! Last week I opened my copy of the AACN Bold Voices, July 2018 edition, to find the Nurse Voices section devoted to a Q and A with Joyce Pittman, who is a colleague […]

“In ICU journals, healing words”

That was one of the front page headlines in my Sunday paper a few weeks ago !  After careful planning, one of the hospitals associated with a large medical center started offering journals to patients in critical care to help prevent the post-intensive care syndrome (PICS) that we have been learning more and more about. Since I had blogged about PICS awhile […]

Combination Thinking in the ICU

If you attend the WOCN meeting next week in Philadelphia and are interested in pressure injury prevention keep your eyes peeled for an poster by Ying Xu BSN, RN, CWOCN and Karen Yohn-Williams RN, CWON from Lankenau Medical Center. These researchers were working on ways to reduce pressure injuries in their ICU patients, especially in […]

Turning and Positioning Our Patients…..Is there a better way ?

Fortunately maybe there is.  For nurses who work in hospitals, especially critical care areas, research and medical product companies are helping define what can be done to ease the job and reduce caregiver injuries related to lifting and repositioning our patients. An article by Kimberly Hall, DNP and Rebecca Clark PhD in the November, 2016 issue […]

Pressure Injury Staging

Staging of pressure injuries has gained continued recognition over the last ten years with the passage of the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA), effective October 1, 2008.  Passage of this act is related to the determination that hospitals were being paid large amounts of money for costly conditions that were mostly preventable.  The DRA includes a […]

Raising Awareness: Peripheral Arterial Disease and Ulcers

How many of us think about PAD (peripheral arterial disease) in the every day care of our patients ? Its specific pathophysiology and who of our  patients are at risk for leg and heel ulcers because of it ? We can find some good answers from a comprehensive CE article in the September 2014 issue of Skin […]

Pressure Injury in the Community

We talk a lot about pressure injury that occurs when patients are hospitalized or cared for in long term care settings. It often goes unnoticed that many people suffer quietly with pressure injury long before their health care team, or even close family members, are aware. I distinctly remember a close colleague’s anger when she […]