More than Infection Control: Infection Prevention

What is relatively new…. For most of the years I worked in acute care we called the hospital infection control department just that, Infection Control. In recent years however, it became known as the Infection Prevention department. Health care practitioners around the world have always monitored and treated infections, but now there is a much greater focus on […]

Hospital Value Based Purchasing: Pay for Performance Incentive Program to Drive Quality

Overview Responding to increasing costs, increasing demands for quality care and concerns for patient safety, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) changed the way it pays hospitals for the services they provide. CMS is no longer a passive payer of services, but rather has become an active purchaser of higher quality and higher […]

So Just What Are the Benefits of Static Air ?

The Situations Ever been on that long car ride where the driver doesn’t want to stop much and sitting in the passenger seat gets so uncomfortable ? Or camping in a sleeping bag where what you initially thought was “soft” ground turned out to be so rock hard you couldn’t sleep ? Or recovering from an illness or hospital procedure where […]

Unavoidable Pressure Injury? Who says so?

Climbing Mount Everest? Sailing across the Pacific Ocean? Biking across the United States? These are all worthy and challenging goals, however, the authors of “The VCU Pressure Ulcer Summit, The Search for a Clearer Understanding and More Precise Clinical Definition of the Unavoidable Pressure Injury” in this month’s JWOCN may have taken on an even […]

Medical Students Learn Empathy by Living as Nursing Home Residents

STUDENT IMMERSION The Learning by Living program offered at the University of New England, College of Osteopathic Medicine allows medical students and other health care professionals the opportunity to volunteer to reside in a nursing home or assisted living as a resident for 10-14 days.  Students are assigned a diagnosis by the nursing home staff which […]

Worth a Review: Braden Subscores to Determine Skin Injury Risk

BACKGROUND Barbara Braden’s and Nancy Bergstrom’s risk assessment tool for pressure ulcer prediction was first published in 1988. Almost 30 years ago now !! And although there is brand new terminology for the term “pressure ulcer” (now “pressure injury”), the “Braden Scale” as we’ve come to call it remains a primary tool used in medical facilities through-out the […]

Static Air Prevents HAPI in Belgian Nursing Homes

Showing the value of static air products for the prevention of pressure injury in high risk patients is nothing new, however it’s always great when additional evidence-based practice studies are published!  The most recent issue of the Journal of Wound Ostomy Continence Nursing (July/August 2016) contains a new study from Europe, “Static Air Support Surfaces […]

Haiti and EHOB: A Great Match Up

BACKGROUND It has been 6 years since the devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti, but the tragedy and needs of many go on. Here is the story of a woman who is making a wonderful difference in the comfort and healing for many in need along with the help of EHOB. JH met Dr. Spahn, EHOB’s founder and […]

Dissemination of Wound Care Information: Instilling Confidence or Confusion?

BACKGROUND: I always seem to struggle with finding a topic when my turn comes to blog. This month I decided to reach out to my niece, a relatively new BSN grad from a reputable nursing college.  She has been working on a med- surg unit for a large academic hospital system in the Midwest, at both the city teaching […]

The Munro Scale, a New OR-specific Risk Assessment Tool

Cassendra Munro and team have been working for the past decade to bring about a valid and reliable risk assessment tool specifically geared to be OR driven and scored by those in the know about operating room processes. Recently published in the July, 2016 edition of OR Manager, this scale assesses patients’ risk throughout pre-operative, […]